You know, today because of Neurovida I managed not to get the gift for the teacher wrong. They didn’t have names and I got them mixed up. But as I can now be more focused, I remembered their order and managed to find the right one!


Gabriel has been attending the Neurovida clinic for about 1 year for learning difficulties in reading and writing, the cognitive training that has been done has proved very effective and the difficulties have visibly decreased. We thank the whole team who are extremely competent and friendly.

Florbela Valadão

I would like to congratulate you on the work you have done with our son. It has been very visible the development of his ability to focus and use his memory, gaining confidence and taste for learning. Your ability to connect with him and motivate him to always want to do a bit more has been essential.

Alvaro Fernández

At the beginning of the Neurolearning programme my daughter had a marked cognitive slowing, but she has made great progress both in terms of concentration and memorisation. This programme allows the development of abilities in a playful and structured way, always with increasing and challenging difficulty, which stimulates the child to go further, always motivated and with a competitive spirit, in order to achieve the final goal.