Global Development Delay

It consists of changes in typical neurodevelopment, namely delay in language acquisition, learning to walk, in the manipulation of objects, among others that are a consequence of structural or functional alterations of the brain that occurred at some point during conception, pregnancy, birth or growth and early differentiation of genetic, metabolic, infectious, traumatic etiology, etc. In addition, its common denominator is the delay in the acquisition of psychomotor capacities, communication and/or socialization. Regardless of the cause (which may take time to be diagnosed) the main treatment is early stimulations, organized in multidisciplinary programs that are adapted to the needs and difficulties of each particular case.

It has been shown that early stimulation and multifactorial intervention programs have higher success rates in the development of:

  • Premature Children.
  • Prenatal Children with delayed development.
  • Children with perinatal or neonatal hypoxia are likely to develop cerebral palsy.


At Neurovida, we have developed a unique program in which the participants of Psychomotricity-Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Cognitive Stimulation with the participation of Neuropsychologists and continuous medical supervision which we designate NEUROJUNIOR Program.
NeuroJunior is a program specially created with the younger ones in mind. It is intended for children with a delay in Allocated Psychomotor Development in the age group of 0 to 5 years old.

Our approach is an integrated response to the problem of prematurity and delayed psychomotor development. This program combines specialized techniques of:

  • Stimulation and sensory integration.
  • Functional training for standing and walking.
  • Stimulation of communication, speech and swallowing.
  • Cognitive stimulation and behavioral adjustment techniques.
  • Training for socialization and skills in the activities of everyday life.

At the Neurovida Clinic, the child and their family will be accompanied by specialized professionals throughout the clinical process.

You can count on an in-depth and careful evaluation, preparation of an individual rehabilitation plan appropriate to the needs of each child /adolescent as well as an exclusive and personalized treatment, in accordance with the family.