About us

The NeuroVida Clinic is a medical and neuroscience institution that combines conventional approaches and innovative methods in the care of neurological and neuropsychiatric patients to ensure the prevention, diagnosis and most appropriate treatment of nervous system pathologies.




The NeuroVida Clinic was founded on the premise of offering its patients medical care in the area of Neurology, in line with the latest scientific discoveries and the best international practices.

Our mission is to:

“Improve the functional capacity, autonomy and quality of life of our patients through innovative therapeutic programs powered by advanced technologies. “

Our programs are designed to support neurological disabilities, such as Acquired Brain Injury, Depression, Cognitive Decline, Degenerative Diseases, Chronic Pain, Addictions and Learning Disabilities.

The main values for which we guide our performance, include professional excellence, scientific rigor, safety and maximum respect for human integrity as well as evidence-based practice.

We are distinguished by our specialized neurological rehabilitation programs, which combine intensive training (motor and/or cognitive) with the use of non-invasive brain stimulation technologies in order to facilitate and accelerate the recovery of functions and ensuring more effective results in less time. This is a 360º approach in neurological rehabilitation.

NeuroVida is an institution duly registered with the Health Regulatory Authority with an Operating License No. 14464/2017. All the specialists on our team as accomplished professional that are qualified and accredited by the competent Portuguese authorities.




The NeuroLearning program is provided by the NeuroVida Clinic, that’s located in Lisbon, it consists of a large area that is about 250 m2. It is modern, has air-conditioning and it is also adapted to facilitate mobility needs and specially designed to ensure maximum comfort and protection for all our patients and their families.