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How to treat learning difficulties?

About NeuroLearning

How The Program Came About

It is estimated that learning difficulties affect about 5% to 15% of the world’s population, making this one of the main causes of inadaptation and school failure with possible consequences into adulthood.

The NeuroLearning program was developed from this, the need to assist children and young people of all ages that are struggling with learning disorders. Our methods are based on the advances in neurosciences combined with the experience of our professionals that are specialized in the various clinical and therapeutic areas.

About NeuroLearning

What Makes Us Different

NeuroLearning differs from other programs as it addresses the causes of learning disabilities with a comprehensive treatment plan that is supported by noninvasive technology and medical personnel of various valences.


Comprehensive Assessment

The NeuroLearning program always begins with a complete neuropsychological assessment that then allows us to identify the learning difficulties and design a treatment plan structured around the needs of each individual student.


Brain Studies

Neurophysiological studies allow us to understand the current situation of each patient and thus be able to intervene directly on the cause of the problem.

Computer Training

Rehacom's computer training introduces a new approach to the treatment of learning disabilities, enabling effective and interactive treatment for children.

About us

Innovation, Technology and Dedicated Professionals

NeuroVida is a medical institution of neurology and neurosciences, a pioneer in Portugal, which provides integrated and interdisciplinary care services to patients in the neurological and neuropsychiatric fields.

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